How much is too much?!?

<p>I'm currently at 426 words for a 300 word essay. It sucks. I know I need to cut down, but is ~375 ok...I really can't find anything else to cut without losing the whole point of my essay. </p>

<p>Has anyone ever heard of college admissions/summer program people just not reading something because it's too long??</p>

<p>Please make me feel better</p>

<p>are you mailing in the application, or are you doing it online? if you're mailing it in i would just confine the essay to one page.</p>

<p>It's online :(</p>

<p>oh ok, then you have to find a way. try getting rid of unnecessary adjectives, adverbs, long transitional phrases, and other types of fluff.</p>

<p>adcoms don't count the words so 350 375 is fine if it's the bare necessities. if you can find some things to cut out, even better, but if not and you feel it's a great essay, go for it.</p>

<p>I kept all of mine to the exact word limit. Editing is an important aspect of writing, and that's what they're looking for, or at least that how I saw it. Maybe I'm crazy, but when somebody tells me "write something and keep it to one page" or "write an essay but keep it under 500 words," I keep it under that limit.</p>

<p>Many of mine were over the limit when I applied. 50-75 word over are acceptable, unless limited by online application.</p>