How much is USC Admission worth?

To actress Lori Loughlin, half a million dollars.

The kid in question is youtuber Olivia Jade.

Here is the harsh question. Should the students be expelled? If the story is as reported which is likely after seeing the press conference from the US Attorney then the students signed applications they know were false. Two kids who would have gotten in did not.

I am sure that the schools in question will have no choice now but to investigate. And as stated above… if you applied and claimed a false SAT or ACT score or fabricated a varsity sport that you did not even participate in, the schools clearly have the option of suspending or expelling the students.

many already graduated, fraud happen since 2011

Higher Education Fraud…

Massive Scandal Alleged in College Admissions

“The institutions involved include Georgetown, Stanford, Wake Forest and Yale Universities and the University of Southern California.”

The advantage of being wealthy is unbelievable. My daughter used the free ACT study sessions at our local Community Center. Shining this light makes the entire process and many opinions on higher education laughable.

50 Charged in Largest College Admissions Scam Ever…

“In one instance, actress Felicity Huffman, star of the television show “Desperate Housewives,” paid $15,000 for her daughter’s answers on the SAT to be corrected after she took the exam.”

“Make no mistake, this is not a case when parents were acting in the best interest of their children,” said Joseph R. Bonavolonta, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston field office. “This is a case in which they flaunted their wealth and set their children up with the best education money could buy – literally. Their actions were, without a doubt, insidious, selfish and shameful.”

Some paid over 6 million. Why just donate the money to the school, and have the child designated as Development candidate. It may be as effective as being an athletic recruit.

There is a longer post in the Admissions page

There are many colleges involved but USC’s level of participation in this scam really saddens me: multiple coaches of different sports and an asst athletic director.

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