How much letters of rec play in admission?

<p>I'm only a freshman so I can't apply to UCs, but if I don't get into USC this fall, I definitely will plan to apply to the Art History program to Berkeley or UCLA. My gpa will be around 3.7 and my Art History professor who got her phD from Berkeley said she will write me a recommendation. Do recommendations play a large role in transfer admission, or is it primarily for grad school? Thanks.</p>

<p>None. UC does not consider LORs for transfer admission.</p>

<p>Too late to edit my earlier post:</p>

<p>Just be aware some majors might require supplementary information. I applied to UCLA: Business Economics & Haas. Neither required or reccommend the submission of LORs. However, if you're an engineering, arts, etc your requirements might differ.</p>

<p>Okay, i'll definitely look into the specific programs! Thanks, Mitch!</p>