How much merit could DD get? OOS

3.94 UW, 5.0 weighted and 4.6 recalculated removing non AP electives and adding .5 honors and 1.0 to AP/AICE. 1460 SAT, top 6% of class in competitive, high performing school, AP scholar with distinction. Very high rigor. Good extracurriculars and leadership. Nothing earth shattering. Undecided major.

In state or Out of State?

Oos, out of state

My S20 had a lower GPA and a similar SAT and was offered 11K in merit aid. He applied very early! Good luck to you!

would guess 10-12k of merit…Deans scholarship and Hutton Honors more than likely. Had similar GPA and 35 ACT and got 11k Deans and 3k Hutton scholarship offers…I applied in late August last year. 47.5k is OOS cost pre scholarship…if you’re minority student the merit opportunities seem greater but not positive.

The basic Deans scholarship is 10-12k, but you could also be invited to submit the SAA- selective scholarship application- this would give you additional money. DS got an additional 6k renewable through Hutton. He also continued to submit an SSA every year and got more money (1-2k) each year at IU.

You can safely guarantee at least $10k from the basic academic scholarship, maybe $1k more. The rest is obtainable from Hutton like someone else said before, as well as departmental scholarships, as well as the Hudson Holland program.