How much money do you think I'll end up paying?

Hawaii resident, 100% korean

  • Summer School After 8th Grade: Algebra 1: C
  • Freshman Year Courses: World History: B, Eng Lang Arts 1: B, Geometry: A, Integrated Science: B, JROTC 1: B, P.E 1: A, Spanish 1A (1st semester): C, Spanish 1B (2nd semester): B, Study Skill: B
  • Sophomore Year Courses: US History: A, Eng Lang Arts 2: A, Algebra 2: B, Biology: A, Health (1st semester): A, P.E 2 (2nd semester): A, Weight Training 1A (1st semester): A, Weight Training 2A (2nd semester): A, Spanish 2A (1st semester): C, Spanish 2B (2nd semester): C
  • Summer School After Sophomore Year: Participation in Democracy: A, Modern History of Hawaii: A
  • Junior Year Classes: Photography 1: A, AP ENG-LANG: B, Chemistry: A, Physics: A, Hotel Operations: A, Algebra 3 (1st semester): A, Trigonometry (2nd semester): B, Weight Training 2A (1st semester): A, Weight Training 2B (2nd semester): A
  • Senior Year Classes (I'm only reporting the grades I got 1st quarter since that's all I have available): AP ENG-LIT: A, AP Stats: D , AP Physics: B, College Prep: A, Economics: A, Psychology: No Grade (2nd semester), Physical Fitness 1A (This is called physical fitness but it's actually weight training; my school doesn't have weight training 3 so whoever wants to do weight training 3 just signs up for this and goes to the weight room during whichever period they have this class): A, Physical Fitness B: No Grade (2nd semester), Team Sports 1: A, Team Sports 2: No Grade (2nd semester)
  • Unweighted GPA: 3.540
  • Class Rank: 106/326
  • ACT: English: 29, Math: 27, Reading: 22, Science: 27, Highest Combined English/Writing or Writing Subject Score: 24, Composite Score: 26
  • Took one old SAT: 480 reading/670 math/630 writing/Total: 1780
  • Took two new SAT's: I think the first one was 640 math/600 critical reading/Total: 1240 and writing and the second one was 620 math/630 critical reading and writing/Total: 1250...if you superscore, the total is 1270
  • I plan to take one more SAT
  • Played football my freshman and sophomore year
  • I've been volunteering at a church since february for 1.5 hours each week (Altar Service)
  • Korean school every saturday (we'd have occasional breaks) from 7th grade-11th grade (I received credit for language at school: Korean 1-Korean 4 (Got all A's), and I also took two years of spanish in high school)
  • I'm going to get a letter of recommendation from my college counselor, ap physics teacher, economics teacher, and hotel operations teacher from last year who I know really well -EFC: 002860

On their website, it says that anyone who is in the top 10% of their class or has a 3.5+ unweighted gpa is automatically accepted, so that’s not something I’m worrying about. I did the npc for WSU, but there’s not many factors in the npc (I’m going to apply as a WUE student but the npc only had in-state and out-of-state). How much do you guys think I’ll end up paying? If there’s any other factors that I missed that will contribute to the amount that I will end up paying, feel free to let me know.

The WUE rate would be 1.5 instate tuition plus the rest of the costs…so probably about $30k per year.

With your low EFC, I doubt it will be affordable especially since you’ll also have expensive travel costs.

How much will your family pay each year?