How much of a crossover is there between...?

<p>How much of a crossover is there between Aerospace Engineer and Physics for a major as an undergrad. So is there any crossovers, and when taking the physics track, we have to do the Ph.D track?</p>

<p>In the freshman and sophomore years, both majors will take introductory math and physics courses, though the engineering major will also take introductory engineering courses like materials, solid mechanics, electronics, computing, thermodynamics, etc…</p>

<p>In the junior and senior years, the curricula diverge, with engineering majors taking design-oriented courses, and physics majors taking more theoretical courses.</p>

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<p>In most schools the aero engineering is going to be in the school of engineering whereas the physics will be in the school of liberal arts and sciences. There are often very different gen ed’s requirements for each. For instance you may need foreign language (or proficiency) and more hours required in liberal arts classes. Within the engineering school your schedule can be very restrictive. It may be much more feasible to get a physics minor with the aero e major, avoiding gen requirements for CLAS.</p>