how much of a hook is governor's school?

<p>does anyone know? (VA governor's school). i'm hoping since it's the highest you can go in public high school, and my counselor's sending a letter about it, it should impress @ least my VA schools, like william and mary, but what about out-of-state/private schools?</p>

<p>p.s. i'm talking about actual governor's school, not a summer program</p>

<p>I personally hold Governor's School in the highest regard and they are known for sending their students to very competitive colleges. Is G.S. the highest you can go in public school? What about IB?</p>

<p>True governor's school is held in high regard. But you are not the only one going there. Many other people attend governor's schools. So it wouldn't be too much of a hook: which is generally defined as something unique that sets you apart from others.</p>

<p>It would certainly be a major asset though, possibly a "tip"?</p>

<p>It depends on:</p>

<p>a. how well the OP is doing
b. how many other people from the same school are applying
c. the reputation of that particular school
d. the caliber of their overall application</p>

<p>It won't necessarily set them apart. If everything else is there is could help, but not an automatic + point</p>

<p>around here it is, worldshopper...we don't have IB. (in fact, i'm not even sure what IB is, but i know we don't have it.)</p>

<p>well thank you...i think i have pretty much everything else "in place," but i could def. use a perk if gs would give me one. </p>

<p>anyone else have an opinion on this?</p>

<p>IB is International Baccalaureate (I think I spelled it correctly) its an international standardized course of study. </p>

<p>I think it could help you, depending on the factors I listed above.</p>

<p>Governor's school is not "the highest you can go" in a public high school. Who told you that? It is a school for the visual and preforming the magnet academy's, such as the 8 or 9 in Virginia Beach are held in a much higher esteem. But of course, if you are interested in a college and intend to major or show your commitment to the arts as a passion, then absolutely the Governor's school will stand out. You do receive extra credits towards graduation. But to apply to Virginia Tech's engineering school and expect the Governor's school to be your "hook"................I don't think so.</p>

<p>Hard to say. In several of my out-of-state interviews I was asked how I spent my summer, and when I said gov school they didn't really know what it was. I think if the kind of gov school you attended fits in with your interests and extracurriculars that will help more.</p>

<p>actually, pedsox, they are not just for arts...there are ones for engineering, math, science, economics and technology (that's the one i go to--we had a name change, but still the same curriculum.) not to be rude, just thought i should correct you b/c gs covers a much wider area. it's regular classes, except harder and w/ college-level research, etc.</p>

<p>lol i'm not applying to tech's engineering--not my thing. but i know a lot of people who are--one of my gs friends got in last year, even though he's a total bum. so you never know!</p>

<p>back to topic, unfortunately, we do not have IB classes, AP, or anything else around here. just gs--it's really the only "advanced" program you can do @ my school (i guess we're pretty rural.) i'm seeing that there's even a lot of confusion here, from what you guys have posted--is there any way i can explain on my apps that gs is pretty much the mecca around here? (even if it's not that much of a hook, i'd like to have it presented well in case it helps, because it really has taken up a lot of my life.)</p>

<p>My school thinks that gs is a pretty good hook even though we have AP classes. We don't have IBs though. I agree with this for Harvard because when I went there two summers ago I talked to a college counselor and she seemed interested in gs. She told me that would be a good hook because harvard doesn't really know about it and in giving them something they need to look into you get more attention to your app. I'm not sure thats the best thing but its something.</p>

<p>your SCHOOL is not a hook. you should have a hook of your own.</p>

<p>its not a school its a college program for kids who want to get ahead in highschool</p>

is there any way i can explain on my apps that gs is pretty much the mecca around here?


<p>Your school report should take care of that. They explain what kind of school you go to. If not get your GC to write a note, describing how it was the highest you could do.</p>

<p>eruanneth,thanks for the explanation. I was thinking of Governor's School like the one we have in Virginia Beach. In addition to the GS school, VB also has 8 or 9 magnet academys for different concentration. Our IB program is considered one of the magnet academys. Because of your explanation, I stand corrected, thank you. Because your high school does not offer AP's then OF COURSE, it should be explained (by your GC) that this was an advanced level program and carried the highest curriculum for students who excel. Yes, this will help you. Your class rank will be important in your case. Good Luck and I hope you get accepted to William and Mary!</p>

<p>GS is somewhat of a bitter subject for me. Earlier in the school year my GC called me into her office and told me that I was being considered for GS based on my academics, and that I would have a good shot at getting a chance to go. About a week later she called me back and said that since I did not live in NC in 9th grade and therefore was unable to take a required test, that I was not able to be considered. I was disappointed as I thought there was some kind of law against this (discrimination against military families or something of that nature) but there was nothing that I could really do about it.</p>

<p>It isn't a huge deal, but it is something that I would have loved to have done.</p>

<p>thanks pedsox! the gc does include a gs letter, but i'm not sure what it says. and i did write some of my essays about gs, and what it did for me.</p>

<p>really cuse? that stinks! doesn't sound fair...there should be xome way that you can take the test now. they gave us a whole battery of tests...i actually didn't get in @ first cuz i aced like 5 of them but pretty much failed the iq test lol. they were gonna rescore it, but some people decided not to go, so i got to. if it's not too late, you should definitely try as hard as you can to go...don't give it up. it'll def. be much better college prep than regular high school.</p>