How much of a score difference would having a calculator make?

<p>I am a rising senior, trying to figure out if I should retake the SAT. I really hate the SAT, but when I took it, I was at a slight disadvantage. My calculator broke the morning of the SAT, and I couldn't find another in time (I was going to be late). So I took it without one. It didn't seem to make any questions impossible, just slower, so I didn't finish a couple of the last ones. I ended up with a 2160 (740 reading, 690 math, 730 writing). I've since taken a College Algebra class through dual enrollment (so I remember some formulas I forgot... like distance, which screwed up a couple). I want to get math into the 700s, but is it worth it? And has anyone taken it with AND without a calculator, with significant difference?</p>

<p>A calculator won't make a big difference, but if you feel your algebra has improved or you remembered concepts you once knew, then retaking might be a good option.</p>

<p>If you didn't finish the test because you didn't have a calculator, I would retake.</p>

<p>Take 'er agin, Billy...</p>

<p>If you feel that you were short of time because you didnt have a calculator then do retake it.It could make a difference to your score.However if you finished within time without feeling stressed then its probably not going to make much of a difference.The SAT reasoning is so designed that it doesnt really require a calculator unlike the math subject tests.Here the only place you need it is when you need to make large calculations.</p>

<p>retake that bro
im assuming ull score 750+ with one</p>

<p>I took it the first time in 10th grade w/out a calc--> got a 790, because my calc malfunctioned and wouldnt turn on.</p>

<p>Use a graphing calculator. It does wonders especially if you don't know how to approach a problem and want to bruteforce it.</p>

<p>zero 10char10char</p>

<p>I took it without a calc and got 800 (freshman year).</p>

<p>Not everyone is as godly as you.</p>

<p>I meant calculus.*</p>

<p>I took calc soph year.</p>

<p>I doubt much of a score difference would occur, provided you can finish the section in time. The calculator is more of a time-saver than a "OK, with a calculator, I can do this properly as opposed to without one" tool.</p>