How much of an entrepreneurial presence is there at Penn?

<p>It seems like the majority of wharton students will venture off into ibanking or consulting after graduation. What is the support system/grants given in business competitions like for someone majoring in entrepreneurship?</p>

<p>Second that!
As a prospective very much interested in this, I'd love to hear some currents weigh in.
I've heard great things about the Weiss Tech House, can anyone who has been involved in this elaborate?</p>

<p>At Wharton you can have a concentration in entrepreneurship, but Wharton's specialty isn't entrepreneurship. I think people are more interested in rising to the top of current companies than starting their own. I'm only a prospective student though, so I don't know much about the subject.</p>

<p>Wharton is big in entrepreneurship, and has been for many decades (since long before IBanking and Consulting became all the rage). Check out this site:</p>

<p>Wharton</a> Entrepreneurial Programs</p>

<p>And for what it's worth, US News ranks Wharton's MBA program among the top 5 in the country for entrepreneurship:</p>

<p>Best</a> Entrepreneurship Programs | Top Business Schools | US News Best Graduate Schools</p>

<p>Between Wharton's entrepreneurial programs and other Penn facilities like the Weiss Tech House mentioned above (Weiss</a> Tech House), there is a strong and comprehensive entrepreneurial presence on campus.</p>

<p>As someone who is involved in one of Weiss Tech House's committees I can confirm the presence of a strong entrepreneurial spirit in Penn. Also since I'm in the comp sci listserv I frequently get emails about entrepreneurs looking for programmers, most of which are Penn students, so yeah. There are a lot of events here for people interested in entrepreneurship.</p>

<p>Sorry for my misinformation above, disregard it as you feel appropriate :p.</p>

<p>A bit more on entreneurial programs at Wharton (from the site to which I linked above):</p>

Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs (WEP) is widely considered one the most influential Centers of entrepreneurship in the world. The Wharton School was the first to develop a fully integrated curriculum of entrepreneurial studies in 1973. Today the Goergen Entrepreneurial Management Program, named in honor of Wharton alumnus and benefactor, Robert Goergen, is one of the largest entrepreneurial teaching programs available, offering more than 20 courses to some 2,000 students and entrepreneurs. The faculty of over 20 professors and practitioners teach courses for undergraduate and graduate students and guide initiatives for entrepreneurs.</p>

<p>The Sol C. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center, named by its benefactor, Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider in memory of his father, was the first Center dedicated to the study of entrepreneurship. Working around the world to advance understanding of entrepreneurship, Wharton researchers produce studies drawn from analysis in China, South Africa, the US and many other economies. Current research is focused on a range of topics such as large-scale job creation, productivity and international competitiveness.</p>

<p>Entrepreneurial outreach activities are the third component of WEP and include the following:</p>

<p>•The world-renowned Wharton Business Plan Competition.</p>

<p>•The Venture Initiation Program (VIP), an educational program offering guidance, mentoring, and support to University of Pennsylvania students. </p>

<p>•The Wharton Small Business Development Center, which has assisted hundreds of regional businesses over two decades.</p>

<p>•The Entrepreneur in Residence program, which offers Penn students "speed" mentoring sessions with successful business owners — including many Wharton alumni.


<p>About</a> WEP</p>

<p>Definitely a strong presence. :)</p>

<p>^ That should be: "A bit more on entrePREneurial programs . . . ." :o</p>

<p>Thanks for all the replies. I only asked because on various "top undergraduate entrepreneurship schools," Penn didn't even rank top 25, which seemed contradictory to WEP being described as "considered one the most influential Centers of entrepreneurship in the world."</p>