How much OOS merit could DD get at UCONN

3.94 UW, 4.6 recalculated removing non AP electives and adding .5 honors and 1.0 to AP/AICE. 1460 SAT, top 6% of class in competitive, high performing school, AP scholar with distinction. Very high rigor. Decent extracurriculars and leadership. Nothing earth shattering. Undecided major.

Would love to see responses to this – wondering about OOS merit aid at UConn as well.

In this year, is it possible to know what merit aid will be awarded? What happened in the past isn’t necessarily what will happen going forward. Schools are in a financial bind and making all sorts of cuts, it wouldn’t surprise me if merit aid was one of them.

I know it’s a couple months late, but I wouldn’t be too confident with a lot of merit this year amid COVID.

My daughter received $22k per year for 4 years

Would you be willing to share stats? Thank you so much!

Hi, my daughter was #3 out of 303 in her class. 5.1 gpa, 1490 sat, president of national honor society, capt of math team, capt of girls varsity basketball, played soccer 4 years, member of deca and history club.

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