How much power does Cornell coaches have in admissions?

<p>I really want to go to Cornell. I'm in the top 2-3% in my grade, taking full IB.
i got 2050 on SAT, but plan on redoing it.</p>

<p>R u trying to get recruited? The deadline for the 2012/13 admission round was like 3 months ago.<br>
If u are applying next year, and if u are recruited, u will almost certainly get in, even to many top universities (HPYSM, etc).
That’s if u r good enough at ur sports to be recruited</p>

<p>D1 and D2 schools will have another signing period in spring. Coaches are usually trying to fill remaining needs on the team so it is possible you could still receive scholarship money if you are a desired recruit. Which sport do you play?</p>