How much practice test do you guys do everyday from BB ?

<p>If you were to study everyday for the SAT using the BB only. How will you split the studying ? 1 practice test a day ? Or maybe 3 ?</p>

<p>I myself am trying to do 1 each day but I keep getting distracted zzz</p>

<p>1 SAT a day is TOO many in my opinion :). </p>

<p>I practice using other books such as Barron's or McGraw-Hill. </p>

<p>Rarely do I use the BB. I only take a test out the BB maybe once every 2-3 weeks.</p>

<p>I use the BB everytime I feel I accomplished something (like MAJOR accomplishment). Or I just take it if the SAT is right around the corner. Which it is.. SINCE IT'S OCTOBER!?!?!??!! D:</p>