How much prep and when to test

My daughter is a rising Junior. She just took her baseline SAT ( whole, test timed and proctored but not reported scores) at a college prep place. She scored a 620 English and 740 math. My question is, when should she look to take the SAT and how much prep should we sign up for? I don’t want to break the bank as she will be staying in state for Florida.

What schools is she targeting and what is the SAT average for those getting in? Also, what are the SAT score requirements for any scholarships? We looked at my D’s targeted schools and based what we did off of those stats. Each student is different so hard to give a definitive answer. My D needs a lot more prep as she is an awful test taker. Her friend did not require a lot of prep and scored over a 1500 so no two kids are going to be the same.

Was the test an official college board test? Often companies will distribute their own tests which are usually misleading.

Mine studied on her own for about 6 months prior to taking the test in the late Fall of her junior year. She would do one full timed practice test/week over the summer and then once school resumed, she worked on the sections that were causing her the most problems.

I agree that Fall of Junior year is the best time for a first test. There’s time in the summer to prep without competing school work, the prep is helpful for both the PSAT/NMSQT and SAT, and it leaves enough time for another test in the Spring and possible another the following August, if needed. I’m targeting November for my younger daughter, a few weeks after the PSAT, then probably March, with August as a safety. Subject Tests in May or June, plus and AP study, factor into that, if applicable to your specific situation.

How much prep is always a tough call. Some students don’t need any, some can study for months but see no improvement, etc. There are metrics out there for average score improvement based on amount of prep - those are average with wide variations, I’m sure, but at least a data point. Google should find them.

You also need to determine what type of target score you are looking for. I’m sure there’s a wide variety of average/needed SAT scores “in Florida”. Are there any preferred/target schools where you can use the 75th percentile scores as a target?

Just met with them to review and it was a real college board test.