How much scholarship money/financial aid does an emory student get on average?

How much on average does Emory give to help with tuition?

My DD got nothing (other than Stafford loans). The financial aid people there are downright nasty. One woman said “we think you’re lying.” I know other people got aid from the school; I can only go by my experience.

Emory’s financial aid package was in the ballpark range of affordability for us (3rd best offer out of 6 acceptances.) I did not not expect that to be the case and was pleasantly surprised. Our need-based award included grants, a federal loan, and work study and was exactly the same as Connecticut College’s offer, so it was clearly formula-based.

We were lucky to have a decent financial aid officer; this year there seem to be a lot of new people in the Financial Aid office. Our advisor this year (D is a senior) is also the head of F. Aid and has been very responsive.

The thing about Emory that is ulike other prestige colleges is that it only TRIES to meet 100% need while others DO meet 100% need. In terms of financial aid officers, I have heard it is a hit or miss. You either get a good one or a bad.

There are others that give questionable packages as well…but typically recruit a less diverse (SE wise) overall and can also get away with stiffing folks due to their level of prestige (I don’t speak of say, HYPSM).