How much should I study for AP Chinese if I want a 3?

What score do I need in order to get a 3 on the AP chinese exam? I’m not sure how much I should study considering all I want is a 3. I’m not a native Mandarin speaker so my speaking is not good at all. Also I haven’t been paying attention because of this remote learning situation so I learned like nothing this year, but I still remember the stuff I learned taking Chinese for the first 3 years of my high school (I got a 95+ all three years), just not stuff from this year. How should I study?

If you don’t have a Barron’s/Princeton review book for the class get one right now. Try to find Kahoots and Quizlets on vocab. Take as many practice tests as you physically can. Also, email your teacher to see what they would recommend.

If you actually want to get better at the language (particularly the speaking that you are concerned about), try to find a native or heritage speaker to practice with.

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3 is a score, so I’m unclear what you mean by what score you need for a 3.

A 3 typically means a passing grade (B/C) on a freshman-level college course and usually requires doing fairly well in an AP-level high school course.

If you stopped short of an AP-level course, stopped taking it a year ago, are not a native/heritage speaker, and haven’t continued practice/study, I suspect it would be quite difficult.

“All I want is a 3” seems to imply that a 3 is easy on an AP test. It isn’t. The reason you see a high percentage of 3,4,5 on language tests, especially Chinese and Japanese, is that many native speakers take the exam (erroneously thinking it will be impressive). While 80% of AP Chinese scores are 4 and 5, among those who “receive most of their language training in US schools”, it’s 37%.