How much time do you actually spend in your dorm room?

<p>Title says it all.</p>

<p>It depends. When it was sunny and warm, hardly any. Once it started snowing and the walk to the library seemed likely to result in frostbite, quite a bit more.</p>

<p>Not much .</p>

<p>It really depends. The first semester, one of my roommates was horribly loud, so I would study in the library. The second semester, after we got him kicked out, I spent more time studying in my dorm.</p>

<p>lol ya got him kicked out.(classic)</p>

<p>I'll be able to answer this question in the fall.</p>

<p>On an average day probably a few hours after classes and then the late evening.</p>

<p>In the heavy winter months there were time where I almost went the whole day or weekend without leaving the room. It really just depends, if you get used to your residence hall and like it you'll probably spend a solid chunk of time there.
If you find it hard to study there or don't like it as much you'll find yourself out about the campus or in other buildings more often. It varies a bit I suppose depending on the individual.</p>

<p>If I am not in class I am very likely in my dorm. Sometimes on weekends I go to fiance's school and hang out in his dorm, or if the weather is nice we go to the arboretum. I am usually sick or swamped with work, so I don't get out much.</p>

<p>I have a single room, so my dorm is much more enjoyable to be in (my personal opinion. I no longer understand doubles). I love it in there, and I do spend most of my time there when I'm not working, at class, or at some club.</p>

<p>6 hours. Almost all of it was spent sleeping. I never spent any time in my room. My roommate and I weren't friends (it's not that we didn't like each other, we just had nothing in common) so I basically lived in my future roommate's room this year after her roommate dropped out of school.</p>

<p>Depended on time of year and how I was feeling. My room/dorm/campus has serious mold problems, so I would get sick if I spent too much time in there. We'd watch movies in my room, but my room was the designated room for such activities amongst my friends. Mostly, I was just in there to sleep...if that.</p>

<p>Just remember...there is life outside your dorm room, but you've got to open the door.</p>

<p>Barely any time except at night - usually I'm out at extracurricular activities/with friends/exercising/library. Though occasionally when I'm exhausted and need to just have some quiet time/rest a bit from the crazyness of life I'll spend a bit of time in there just playing video games/whatever.</p>

<p>I'd usually just be in there for the amount of time I spent sleeping. Once my roommate moved out, I probably spent sleeping time plus another 3 or so hours in there.</p>

<p>props to ADSRSM for the AvQ ref</p>

<p>Barely any at Purdue. 100% of the time at JWU when I didn't have class.</p>

<p>A good chunk of time...but that's because my room is my favorite place to get work done, and of course, sleep.</p>

<p>But if I'm not doing work or sleeping, there's a good chance that I'm not in my room.</p>

<p>I stay in my dorm room to do all my homework, get all my sleep etc. The only times I am out is to eat, go to class and exercise or do some social activity.</p>