How much time to dedicate to CSU Application

My D23 wants to apply to SDSU- but probably no other CSU’s. Can anyone shed light on how much time and effort is required in putting together this application? Essay(s) etc.

It would be nice if they simple accepted the Common App- but my understanding is that they do not?

I would say filling out the CSU application should take under an hour. No essays, LOR’s, etc…. It is a pretty straight forward application.

Just have a copy of these documents/info available. Unofficial Transcripts • Social Security Number (If available) • Citizenship Status • Credit Card • Annual Income

Do CSUs require all applicants to report their family’s annual income, or only those seeking financial aid? Just curious.

If not interested in financial aid, you can skip i think.

I remember seeing an instruction like this:
“If you don’t wish to include your income, enter $999,999.”

Family income is optional. The prompt is to see if an applicant qualifies for an application fee waiver. CSU’s will use the FASFA for financial aid determination and this is also optional.