How Much Vacation Time Do You Get?

<p>For Christmas/New Year's, Easter, Spring Break, Summer - holidays like that, how much time do you get off? I know it varies from college to college, I just want to get some different ideas from everyone. (Oh, and when I say Summer, I mean how much time you get before the new school year starts assuming that you're NOT taking summer classes.)</p>

<p>3 to 4 weeks for Christmas/New Years</p>

<p>1 week for spring break</p>

<p>Just over 3 months for summer.</p>

<p>Fall Break: 5 days (Wed-Sun)
Thanksgiving: 5 days (Wed-Sun)
Christmas/New Years: 27 days
Spring Break: 1 week
Summer: about 3 months</p>

<p>Labor Day-1 day off
Thanksgiving-2 days off
Christmas-3 to 4 weeks off
MLK Day-1 day off
Spring Break-1 week off
Summer Break-3 months + 2 weeks off</p>

<p>Fall Break (Sat - Tues) = 4 days
Thanksgiving (Wed - Sun) = 5 days
Winter Break = 3 weeks + 2 days
MLK = 1 day
Spring Break = 2 wkends + 5 days = 9 days
Summer = starts first full week of may, ends second to last week of aug = ~ 15 weeks</p>

<p>1 month and 10 days for this winter break... which I find ridiculously long. I guess that's b/c my school had no time off at all during the fall semester (other than thanksgiving... not even labor day).</p>

<p>Fall Break- 1 week
Thanksgiving- 4 days (Thu.-Sun.)
Holidays- this year 3 weeks 2 days
Spring Break- 1 week</p>

<p>then just some of the usual labor day. MLK day, presidents day... we have those off</p>

<p>Wow, SBR. Your summer break is so long. Why is that?</p>

<p>Winter-6 weeks
Spring-1 week
Summer-around 3.5 months</p>

<p>Labor Day - 1 day (3-day weekend)
Fall Break - 4 days (Thurs-Sun)
Winter Break - 4 weeks
MLK - 1 day (3-day weekend)
Spring Break - 1 week
Summer Break - 15 weeks</p>

<p>kiz137, from what I can see, the length of my summer breaks are about on par with my friends' summers. I think it's to do with the fact that our exam reading period is somewhat short and we don't get any of the federal holidays like Labor day, President's Day, etc off (with the exception of MLK which is made up by an extra day tacked on somewhere). As long as we get about 12-13 full weeks of classes a semester plus a week of exams, my school doesn't really care how long the vacations are.</p>

<p>2 days for thanksgiving (thursday and friday)
1 month for christmas/new years
1 day for MLK
1 week for spring break
1 day for memorial day
3.5 months for summer</p>

<p>Winter Break - 6 and a half weeks
Spring Break - 2 weeks
Summer - Roughly 3 months.</p>

<p>Gotta love the trimester system..</p>

<p>Ah, I understand now. :)</p>

<p>And oh boy, DannyLS3. That 6 and a half weeks of Winter Break is all at once? o_o</p>

<p>Winter break: 3 weeks
Spring break: 1 week
Summer Break: Nearly 4 months</p>

<p>3-day weekend for Labor Day, 1 week for thanksgiving (get out the friday before, go back the monday after), 3 weeks- Dec 17 to Jan 6, for winter break (start back classes Jan 7), 3-day weekend for MLK day, 1 week for spring break, summer is from second week in may to second week in August so approx. 3 months. Finals usually end around May 7-10 and this fall we started back on August 18 so I imagine it'll be about the same next year too (I'm graduating in May tho so I don't have to worry about that anymore!!).
In the summer you'll usually get a 3-day weekend for memorial day, and a day or two off for 4th of July (if it's a Tuesday or Thursday, they'll usually give us that Monday or Friday off as well).</p>

<p>3-4 weeks for christmas/new years, depending on whether or not you have any finals.
1 week for spring break.
4 months for summer break.</p>

<p>fall finals were december 4th-19th. I was unlucky and my finals were towards the beginning of the period except for one stupid one that had to be on the 18th. School starts again on January 5th. </p>

<p>Spring break is 1 week off towards the end of february (actually not really spring break...they call it reading week). </p>

<p>Winter finals are April 14th-April 30th. So assuming the worst, summer is May 1st- September 6th:) But I'm taking summer courses from May 5th- June 26th, so my break won't be as long. But hopefully my exams are done kinda early so I can have a week or 2 back home before I ship off to europe for summer studies (school has a campus in italy, so that's what im doing part of the summer)</p>