How much weight do top US colleges give to the "predicted grades" of A Level students?

Are they weighted less than, say, GCSE results or standardized test scores? Or does it depend on the reputation of the applicant’s high school (to the extent US colleges are familiar with different schools in the UK)?

FYI - for those who are not familiar with the UK educational system, the transcripts of UK students typically show only GCSE and A level results. Since A level exams are not taken until the end of Year 13 (equivalent to US 12th grade), secondary schools issue “predicted grades” that students list on their university applications.

For secondary schools outside the US, predicted grades carry the weight of actual grades, in general.


Interesting, D22’s US college counselor just reminded the students applying to US college to “deliver” on their predicted grades (or come close) because “our reputation as a school where predictions can be trusted is essential” for this year and “those who come after you.” At the same time, the CC also said that no student from D22’s school ever had an offer withdrawn.

So, it’s taken pretty seriously (not that I should be surprised)!