How much will a low class rank hurt me at USC?

So, I have a pretty good GPA and test scores, but my class rank is relatively low (top 35%). I know that’s not terrible, but a lot of USC’s accepted students (like 90%) are in the top 10% of their class. My school is giving seniors the option to have their class rank taken off their transcripts. I wanted to know if having a kind of low class rank would hurt my chances of getting in.

My GPA is 4.21 W and 3.83 UW and I got a 1420 on my SAT (also, I’m a urm (African American), in case that matters) and my class has 550 students.

So, should I have them remove it? I’m worried that if I do it may look a bit sus (like, if other students from my school are applying and leave their rank on, will AOs assume my rank is super bad and I’m trying to hide something?)

Thanks in advance for your input!