How much will bad soph grades affect me?

<p>I'm a junior, and my parents are starting to get on my case about putting together a list of colleges. Now, I take the hardest classes and do a good amount of activities/sports, but I kind of screwed myself over last year. I developed text anxiety which killed my grades, and when I finally started doing better--I got mono. Only, I didn't know I had mono. Long story. I was a mess all second semester. Anyway, my average was B/B- for all my 3 honors/1 AP classes--the hardest schedule for a sophmore. My cum is something like 3.923 WEIGHTED (ugh). </p>

<p>Well, this year is different. I have even more classes, and I'm doing a lot better. My GPA was a 4.56 gpa last quarter with 3 honors/2 AP. So how does that whole situation affect which schools I should look at?</p>

<p>Expecting 1450+ on SAT (well, whatever score is equal to that on the new one)
Maybe some sort of nat. merit recog.
SAT II USHIST: 730</p>

<p>Varsity xc (4 yrs, captain next year)
Track (4 yrs)
Swimming (2 yrs)
Cello (8 yrs, 6 yrs private lessons, school orchestra, chamber ochestra, regional orchestra, pit orchestra, charity orchestra)
Yearbook (2 yr section editor, probably head editor next year)
Student Gov (2 yrs)
Literary Magazine (2 yrs)
200+ volunteer hours at sci center
There's other stuff, but yeah...</p>

<p>So, I know they like to see improvement, which I've definetely made, but how will this affect my chances at say, a school like Northwestern? Also, could you reccomend other schools like Northwestern in my range?</p>


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