How much will being an intern help in college admissions

My HS has a program that lets seniors and juniors leave for an internship and be in school for only half the day.
Should I do it? Will it look better to take 4 Classes and have an internship or just take 7 Classes?

Can you take an internship during the summer, and would it look just as good as getting one from the school?

What kind of an internship? What type of job?

I’m not sure, hopefully I to work in a pharmacy like a couple students got to do last year. Do certain internships look better than others?
My HS’s intern coordinator said that it will look very good to colleges if I enroll in this program since there is only 30 sports and we have such a large school, so it’s highly competitive.

So will it look better than getting an intern during the summer? Though I highly doubt I can get an intern at a pharmacy on my own.

It depends on the internship and how it relates to your desired major/career path. You have your college career to get involved with internships. I honestly haven’t heard of internships for HS students. A pharmacist had told me I wouldn’t be allowed to shadow or do anything with him until I’m actually in college, because I had asked around about how to shadow and several people told me I wasn’t allowed to be back there yet. In my state, you’re not allowed back in a pharmacy until you turn 18/are in college. Once you’re in college, you’ll have better connections, possibly be able to work with professors in a lab, get hooked up to a local pharmacy through a contact/college career services/major corporation and go from there.

It’s a personal choice. If you would like to go on to pharmacy school, it may help out. But if I were you, I’d go for the extra rigor, take the 7 classes, and save the work experience for a few years down the road.

What internship are you going to take? If it is related to the course that you’ll be taking up in college then it will really have a big impact to your admission :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that these internships that cause you to actually take less classes are helpful to admissions. Since colleges are places for scholarship and selective colleges are looking for students who challenge themselves and take a hard schedule. I know the intern coordinator is saying it helps but be sure she knows, ask the GC. I don’t doubt it is something nice for your resume but I would worry about doing it at the expense of essential coursework. Instead of electives perhaps.

My school allows a half day internship a couple days a week 2nd semester of senior year. You miss 3-4 periods (of 7) on the days you have the internship and are responsible for the work on your own. I will be doing one at a court house and law firm.