How much will it affect me?

<p>I'm now a senior, and I'm applying to mostly engineering schools. My GPA and test scores are great, and I think I have pretty good extracurriculars, too. However, I haven't taken and won't be taking AP Chemistry or computer science classes during high school, and none of my extracurriculars are math- or science-related. How much will this affect my chances for schools like UC Berkeley, UIUC, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, etc. where engineering is a heavily impacted major? Thank you.</p>

<p>I don't think it will affect your chances significantly as long as you do have some challenging math/science classses on your schedule. Also, I think many of the schools you mentioned look mainly at GPA and test scores; they do not put as much emphasis on extracurriculars.</p>

<p>How about at schools like Stanford and Harvey Mudd where you don't have to apply to a different school for engineering but it still might be impacted?</p>

<p>First, impacted majors only apply to UC's and Cal State's.</p>

<p>Second, what math and science classes have you taken in high school? What are your EC's?</p>

<p>Third, if you don't have science/math extracurriculars, why do you want to go into engineering? What makes you think you want to study STEM fields? What excites you about engineering? </p>

<p>I don't mean these questions contemptuously but these are questions running through adcom's and my mind. You need to be able to show this on an app.</p>

<p>Do engineering schools look for well-rounded students? Do engineering admissions officers judge you more based on your fit in the entire school or just in the engineering department?</p>

<p>By the time I graduate I will have taken every AP and honors math and science class at my school except AP Bio, AP Chem, and AP Comp Sci. I do tutor math, but that's my only math/science EC. Others include marching band, pep band, synagogue choir, religious school teaching assistant, and Constitution Team.</p>

<p>I do plan on explaining my interest in my essays, and my GPA and test scores portray my proficiency. I'm just wondering if well-roundedness is a good substitute for a lack of engineering-related EC's and classes.</p>