How much will my mistakes affect me?

<p>So I am a junior/rising senior and during the course of my junior year I took the SATs, but I did something very stupid and I want to know how much it will affect my apps. Here is what I did.</p>

<p>So first I took the nov to see where I was(this part was not bad) without studying very much at all. R650 W610 M730</p>

<p>I was not happy with my score and just took the next one I could, it was compulsory b/c I wanted to just back asap and attack the SAT while it was still fresh. Unfortunately, I studied even less and R660 W620 M680</p>

<p>then I decided to take my time and study for the next one. But I didn't. W610 R650 M740.</p>

<p>I know these scores aren't 'bad', but how will this standstill look? Assuming I get higher on W and R this fall?</p>

<p>Moral of the story, study for
the SAT when you want to get better instead of just taking compulsory swings at it.</p>

<p>Well, I don't think this situation is as bad as you might think it is. I don't know which colleges you plan to apply to but remember that most accept Score Choice where you just pick the SAT scores that you want to send.</p>

<p>So since you did the best total the last time you could just send that 2000 total and if you do manage to do better on CR/W then you can send that score as well. Of if you manage to maintain that Math score and get better CR/W in Oct you could just send that score and it'd be like you only took it once and colleges won't know you took it 4 times or whatever it will be.</p>