how much will my mistakes affect me?

<p>So I am a junior/rising senior and during the course of my junior year I took the SATs, but I did something very stupid and I want to know how much it will affect my apps. Here is what I did.</p>

<p>So first I took the nov to see where I was(this part was not bad) without studying very much at all. R650 W610 M730</p>

<p>I was not happy with my score and just took the next one I could, it was compulsory b/c I wanted to just back asap and attack the SAT while it was still fresh. Unfortunately, I studied even less and R660 W620 M680</p>

<p>then I decided to take my time and study for the next one. But I didn't. W610 R650 M740.</p>

<p>I know these scores aren't 'bad', but how will this standstill look? Assuming I get higher on W and R this fall?</p>

<p>Moral of the story, study for
the SAT when you want to get better instead of just taking compulsory swings at it.</p>

<p>Why don't you just ask me these questions at school? You know the best method to improving your SAT score is to go to Panera study sessions, come on man.</p>

<p>Jokes aside, it won't hurt you at all. College Board offers score choice so you can send whatever score you want. While some schools don't like score choice, they will never have to know you used it, so it won't hurt you. Although there is the question of honesty here, you do have this option if you ever feel that your SAT scores will hurt you.</p>

<p>Oh and dude we have to study for the SAT when I come back from Chicago. I'll give you some tips.</p>