How much will not taking a science junior year hurt my chances?

<p>I have a 2200+ SAT score, 32 ACT, and have about a 3.9 unweighted GPA with my hard classes junior year being APUSH and AP CALC AB. I also have 3 year varsity basketball. Originally in my junior year I was in AP Bio but I ended up dropping. Unfortunately my school could not add me to any other science class. I ended up taking Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science over at my local community college during the school year and this past summer. Though I got A's in these courses, they still show up on my high school transcript as having taken them at my community college. How much will this hurt my transcript and is there any way I can explain to colleges why I didn't take a science at school? Thanks</p>

<p>It doesn’t matter whether you take the course at your school or at a community college. The community college actually looks better as it is at a presumably harder level.</p>

<p>that was my reasoning, it looks the same or harder in terms of difficulty. i just worried they will wonder “why didnt he just take those classes at his high school,” and then know that i dropped bio.</p>

<p>They won’t think that deeply into your transcript - they’ll look at it, see you took courses at your local community college, and move on! It’ll probably even work in your favor!</p>

<p>Taking courses at community college is great</p>

<p>It would better to complete all three of biology, chemistry, and physics while in high school (can be CC courses, of course).</p>