How much will pass no passes affect my chances?

I’m majoring in history and classical civilization at a UC and I am a 4.0 student. Taking all of these Latin language classes for my cla major is really weighing me down though. Since I want to attend grad school for ancient history under my history major (and not my cla major), would it be bad if I go pass no pass for my Latin language classes? I excel in everything else but this language part has truly become a thorn in my side. I’m a senior right now and I have little to no confidence that if I continue taking Latin without pass no pass, I’ll be able to continuously prevent it from adversely affect my GPA. Like I said, in all my other classes I excel and am regularly lauded by my professors, but with these Latin language classes I look completely incompetent.

If anyone didn’t know, the Latin language is a requirement for the cla major and NOT the history major.

Not the same but my daughter just started in international studies at College of Charleston and has Chinese, and it’s the same situation - time consumption wise.

I would assume, in general, if it’s a core class for the next level, you should keep it. However, since you go to ta UC, why don’t you make an appointment with a graduate school advisor for that major, and ask them.

Or if your school doesn’t offer, contact a school that does - you can likely get a phone call or zoom and ask.

The other choice is - what we did for my daughter - we had her withdraw from Calc…it was just too much and yes, she’ll have a W. But we spoke to a few folks including a prof we know at a top 20, and was told a couple Ws isn’t a death sentence. And in many ways shows self awareness.

Good luck to you.