How much will these accomplishments help?

<p>I'm just wondering how much the following accomplishments will help me out in the admissions process, and if so, how much? The most selective colleges I'm applying to are Duke and Princeton....</p>

<p>State Informative Speaking Champion
All-State Band (2 years)
Numerous piano awards
Also, I have my own flock of sheep... If I incorporate that into my app somehow, would that be something that would really help set me apart for these two schools?</p>


<p>umm maybe the sheep? honestly, i'm an all-state band musician and i've won numerous awards also, and i'm sure tons of people have.. i wish it would make us stand out more :(</p>

<p>Yeah, I didn't think the music stuff would help too much. Would it be beneficial for me to send a CD of me playing saxophone? Maybe if I impress them that would help a little? And also, do you think the state champion helps a lot?</p>

<p>State champion is a big plus.
Flock of sheep is a big plus, too, since I would bet that not lots of college applicants have such an activity as an EC. I assume that the flock takes lots of work and thought. Make sure you explain that, preferably in an essay. Rural applicants are highly sought after by top schools, so capitalize on your background. </p>

<p>While All State is nice, there are lots of students who get that honor, so it won't count as much as would the others.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks! So how should I try get the sheep thing in an essay? I'm using the common app, and I think the question I'm doing for that is probably going to be the one about what I would bring to the diversity of the college... would I be able to fit that in somehow? Or should I just write about my sheep and then select the "any topic" essay choice? I'm really a sheep "nerd" if there is such a thing, and have won lot's of things concerning my sheep (including my 1st place in speech, as my speech was actually a beauty pageant with sheep as the contestents- Miss EweSA!), would those be things I would want to include, and then also how I'm responsible for them, do all the work myself, etc...? </p>

<p>How much do you think the sheep and state champion will help me at Princeton and Duke? I have fairly competitive stats already (4.0 unweighted, 33 ACT, 1470 SAT), but nothing that's just going to jump out at them... maybe this will?</p>

<p>yea ive been in all state orchestra for 2 years sucks to realize that when ur applying to colleges like a LOT of ppl are just as good as u =/</p>