How much will this hurt me?

<p>I'm graduating in 3 years from high school. I have all As in everything. I took the hardest schedule at my high school. Unfortunately, my high school only offers Pre AP classes except in Government, Economics, and English 3 and 4. I'm taking Gov and Eco next year (my senior year) and I took dual credit for english 4 and tested out of english 3 so no AP credit. How much will this hurt me? I was unable to take a bunch of classes because I'm graduating early, and the regular classes I took (because no other were offered) are bringing down my GPA because they are not weighted. How much will this effect me getting into a top-tier university? (ie. Rice or Wellesley)</p>

<p>It won't.</p>


<p>This is similar to my cousins story, she got into Bryn Mawr after dropping out of her HS and taking her GED as they didn't have any more challenging classes and would not let her graduate more than a year early. Graduating just one year early won't hurt you at all as long as you have taken advantage of all that your HS had to offer.</p>