How much will we carry around campus?

<p>I'm looking for a new bag and I was just wondering if the stuff we'll be carrying around campus will be a lot or heavy. What does the average student carry around?</p>

<p>This will vary tremendously depending on the types of classes you take and what type of student you are. A person in the sciences will carry around more large textbooks (generally) and humanities will have lots of smaller books, generally one or a few at a time. Upon exam time, this will change. You may choose to put your laptop in, etc. It is extremely variable. There is no set "stuff." Anything that can hold what a typical backpack can is probably sufficient.</p>

<p>we'll be carrying these large textbooks to class and whatnot??</p>

<p>maybe not to class, but surely to the library to study...</p>

<p>I don't know about science students, but as a humanities/social science student, I normally had:</p>

<p>A) My laptop. This depends on the class, but I used my laptop in at least two of my classes every semester, sometimes in all four. You'll decide for yourself if you want a computer in class, but (assuming you have a laptop at all), you should probably get a bag that can fit it, in case you end up liking using it in class. </p>

<p>B) A notebook, for the classes I didn't use my laptop in, and sometimes even for classes I did, so I could keep papers in it. Otherwise (if I was being organized that week), I'd have a folder for papers.</p>

<p>C) Books. Normally 1-2 small ones per class, but there were some days when I had two classes in a row, or even three with a lunch break, in which case those small books can add up. Also, sometimes I had large textbook type books that I had to bring (this was especially true in history and film history classes). </p>

<p>It could sometimes get heavy. A lot of people use backpacks. I used a messenger bag, sometimes with a separate laptop case, depending on how many books I had.</p>