How much would I have to screw up for Brown to pull my Admission?

<p>Would an F in an elective do it? I have a class based on my science project (honors science research), and I’m worried I might get a zero on that for not turning it in on time.</p>

<p>Also, if I was consistently getting mostly A’s before, would two or three C’s do it? Or would it have to be like all D’s before they’d pull my admission?</p>

<p>I’ve become so apathetic since I got accepted…</p>

<p>An F could easiely do it... I had a friend whose admission was pulled from columbia because of a D+ and two Cs....</p>

<p>Just do well on the mid term and hope for a D.</p>

<p>Even if it's just an elective weighed only 1/5th of any of my normal classes? (.2 credits compared to 1 credit)</p>

see what you can do to talk to your teacher about the situation...failing you for a late project seems harsh if you actually did the work
i think very few teachers would want to jeopardize your college admissions
if this doesn't work, (once your grade comes in), call/write to brown and explain the circumstances
a significant drop in your grades could be pretty serious</p>

<p>For my friend, the D+ was also in an elective, but its worth half a credit, ulike one fifth of a credit as your class is. No one here can tell you for sure, all you are asking is that is it a possibility, and it seems to me that it is a possibibility. Just do well on the final exam. And try not to succumb to senioritis anymore... you are obviously a smart person, so you can do better.</p>

<p>I agree with dcircle... try that.</p>

<p>An F? Without a doubt. An old friend of mine got his admission rescinded from UCLA because he had three C's in his final semester. Regardless of the class, slacking off is slacking off(the way colleges look at it). </p>

<p>This is the way I'm looking at it: three C's in general will make any college think twice, so I'm keeping that as the very lowest limit...Consider doing the same...</p>

<p>My school has a rule for seniors, that if you get above above a 82.5 average, then you do not have to take a final exam (AP courses not included, obviously). I think its a great way to try and stop senioritis. I will make sure I get above a 82.5, because the last thing I want to do is be stuck taking an exam, especially a spanish exam... ugh!</p>

<p>They probably won't rescind it after just the midyear report. Definitely make efforts to keep your final transcript looking good.</p>

<p>Not to hijack this thread, but....if I'm applying regular decision and I just got a C- on Calc BC 1st semester but A's on everything I screwed?</p>

<p>One grade won't screw you over, don't stress out about it.</p>

<p>our school has something similar to what yours does carrera for senior exemptions. if we get an 80 or above in ap or 85 or above in other classes for the second semester, we are exempt for the final exam as long as we take the ap exam if it is an ap class. So I don't think senioritis will be a problem.</p>

<p>My school seems to encourage senioritis, if you are a senior second semester you dont have to take any finals unless you want to take it to bring your grade up. The last day of school for seniors before finals is a barbeque and seniors dont have to go to class. Senioritis is great!</p>

<p>my school requires an A in every course as a senior, or else you have to take the exam for that course. bleh...</p>

<p>cbomo: yea you should really do your best to avoid an F, D, or even a few C. Why chance it at all?</p>

<p>just do your best, I dont think that a d in an elective will do it</p>

<p>So much for the F... my project might actually end up as an A. Woohoo.</p>

<p>congrats...what did you do to change the teacher's mind?</p>

<p>As for senioritis, this is what happend today when I had a sub who had to leave in the middle of class, so she was replaced by another sub. </p>

<p>Sub #1: They have an assignment that they're supposed to be working on, but they're seniors.
Sub #2: Hello, I am Ms. ___. But carry on (talking to friends, etc.). You're seniors! Carry on! </p>

<p>Also today:
Student #1: Ms. _____, can I borrow a pen?
Student #2: Can I borrow a pen, too?
Student #3: Can I borrow a pen, too?
9th Period Teacher: How is it that you don't have a pen in class?
Student #3: It's just that I haven't used a pen all day.</p>

<p>It's a long, complicated, and boring story.</p>

<p>It's complicated, Carrera!</p>