How NOT to send it to my school?

<p>Hey guys! My school is one of those annoying schools that sends ALL test scores, not your highest, not the ones that you choose, to colleges. While I'm fairly certain I did well on Math 2 and Literature for the subject tests, I completely BOMBED the Chemistry :(. Is there a way to NOT send all 3 scores to my school, and only report to colleges the Math and Literature? Or will I have to retake all 3??</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>Yesterday i called SAT because my son did NOT want his high school to get his scores for his sub tests. So over the phone they changed his high school code number to all zeros. It comes back with some sort of error message, but then goes through okay. She said you can also do this on the SAT website. I think it affected ALL the tests taken in one sitting so I couldn't pick and chose.</p>