How often do UPS students actually leave campus?

How often do UPS students actually leave campus? Where do they go? How do they get there? Does everybody have a car? (On the car question, I hope not.)

I’m particularly curious about how often students actually spend time in and around Sixth Avenue, the Proctor District, downtown Tacoma, Point Defiance, Seattle, Mt. Rainier, etc.

I do not go there yet but from what I gather, most of the social life revolves around events taking place on campus and outdoor activities.

I happened to be in Tacoma today. Freshman orientation started at UPS couple of days ago. As far as where do students go, I saw UPS students exploring the Proctor District and walking along beautiful Commencement Bay. Both are walking distance from the campus, although getting to Commencement Bay is a hike.

I am a freshman in my first semester, and so far, I have been into seattle twice, Vancouver once, and downtown tacoma from time to time. That being said, I had a friend with a car, so it was much easier