how often do you go home or talk to your parents while in college?

<p>My parents bring me down most of the time and even though they somehow raised me to be a good, moral kid, they've never supported me in what I'm doing or encourage me or anything. Last year, I kept wishing that they would support me more and I would talk to them on the phone at least a few times a week, but it was always just negativity from them. This year, after I came back from the break which I spent with my mom mostly, I realized that she is really immature and sadly, making sexual jokes in front of me with other people and thinking I don't understand. So disgusting lol but anyways, long story short, I don't talk to them as much anymore and even if I do, I don't tell them anything about my life. </p>

<p>If I do tell them, they will always say something negative about it when the stuff they do is much worse. So I'm asking, how much do you talk to your parents and how involved are they in your life? I've had friends whose parents are like their best friend and they can tell them anything but I wonder if there are people out there like meee lol</p>

<p>After leaving home, I've branched out so much and tried so many new things that I've always wanted to do. I was always miserable there and maybe it was partly my fault, but they didn't help me during the rough times. Even when sadness was all over my face.</p>

<p>Oddly enough, I'm in the exact opposite position as you- my parents are fab, but nearly all my friends have really screwed up ones.
I'd say we talk about once a week.</p>

<p>love my multiple times a day if i have the time (at least just to say hi)</p>

<p>my dad...uhhhh...different story.</p>

<p>it doesn't have to be your parents. find a different support system out there if that is all you need.</p>

<p>Sorry to OP about his situation. I talk to my parents about twice a week and go home maybe once a month. They're pretty supportive as long as I am giving an honest effort to the things I do. But I see them just about every week very briefly. And I'm from Berkeley...</p>

<p>I call my parents once every weekend and go home each season during the breaks: winter, spring, summer, Thanksgiving. Once my mom stopped by my apartment on her way to SF (she's from the LA area) and took me out to dinner :)</p>

<p>i talk to family 2-3 times a week, go back home to LA maybe once or twice a semester.</p>

<p>I talk to my mommy every night and go home every couple of weeks. Like you, I used to have a miserable home life but after I moved to Berkeley, distance makes the heart go fonder I guess!</p>

<p>once a week; my parents and I have this weird relationship where we start getting annoyed at each other if we spend too much time around each other (i.e. vacations). so I have an awesome, normal relationship with them during the semester (I tell them a few things, mundane stuff, nothing intensely personal), but when I go home over summer/winter break there'll be an argument somewhere.</p>

<p>^ I don't think that's weird, it's the same way for my family too where we talk once a week about routine stuff during term time and everything's great, then during the two breaks (I only go home 2x a year) is where the argument(s) occur.</p>

<p>I think it's a matter of being used to living away from one another for 10 months and suddenly having to adjust to a different living situation.</p>

<p>This happened even before I moved to college though. During the semester I'd be fine and then vacations would arrive and we'd get into an argument.</p>

<p>My mom calls me almost everyday and my dad e-mails me about once a week. I would say my relationship with them has improved since I started college. We used to fight about once a week, but through winter break we fight only once and it wasn't even intense.</p>

<p>Yeah, I try not to go on vacations with them anymore. At least not both of them together. We went to Hawaii and stayed in a 2 bedroom room, the 3 of us, and my grandparents in another room. I couldn't StAND them. So they got me another room (which was weird that they did because it was 80 bucks more and to them, that's a lot) but now that I think back, it was probably because they're disgusting, immature parents. wink wink. nudge nudge. They're so gross. I walked in on them once at our house and they were in the guest bedroom that didn't lock when they could've been in their room that DID lock. eww bad images lol. </p>

<p>change of subject...they didn't want me to go to boarding school in high school and I saw no logical reason why they wouldn't let me. I thought even if it WAS because they wanted to keep the relationship, it would be the same as whatever it was while I was there. If they really cared about me, they would've let me go because I was having a tough time there and they didn't bother to do anything about it. Not one thing.</p>