How often does ambiguous case triangles show up on Math II

<p>I have forgotten most of it and now it is a bit confusing, so should I be worried or is it a rarity that it pops up.</p>

<p>Of all the Math II practice tests I have ever taken, it has never shown up. Not once. It's probably very unlikely that it will show up. From what I know, the Math II is about knowing your stuff, knowing how to apply it, and doing it fast. We shouldn't have to worry about "Okay, the angle's obtuse... oh yeah, and the side is greater so according to my math notes, we have to draw two triangles..." And if something like that does show up, personally I would skip it. (I'm shooting for an 800)</p>

<p>Can you explain what these are?</p>

<p>I always wonder about threads like this. In the time it took to post this, you could have probably learned just about everything there is about the ambiguous case.</p>

<p>Ah, I only vaguely remember this as we went over them first semester. I hope they don't show up</p>

<p>alright, also does completing the square show up a lot.</p>

<p>Given a triangle with sides a and b, and angle A, two solutions exist when the hieght of the triangle is less than a, and when a is less than b. If so, calculate B1 using the law of sines, and then other triangle with angle B2 will have a degree measure of 180-B2 since it forms an isosceles triangle with the triangle containing B1. It's really not that bad at all.</p>

<p>TheWikiMan: If there's a question on the test about conic sections, it's probably about completing the square. It really isn't too difficult to learn though. If you've done Alg I, you could probably get the bare bones down in less than 5 minutes...</p>