How 'out-there'?

<p>Hi all!</p>

<p>I'm interested in WW, as the triad really appeals to me. The beautiful campus doesn't hurt either. I'm worried that since WW is such a small school it is difficult for those who are not 'typical' WW students to fit in. </p>

<p>I'm very liberal, open-minded, and laid back--I just fear that most WW students are more extreme than me. Does this sound right? Could someone characterize the typical WW kid?</p>

<p>Also, does anybody have any knowledge of the transfer experience? Or stats?</p>

<p>Some kids are "out-there" and others, not so much. I don't think my kid is 'out-there' and she fits in and has lots of friends.</p>

<p>being liberal, open-minded and laid back - sounds right. a visit is in order.</p>

<p>Also looking at WW. How would you compare it to Prescott? Is it considered a strong enough school for grad school application? The literature looks great, but have read some stuff on other sites that make it out to be a big hippie commune with not much organization or structure. I really appreciate your feedback.</p>