How prestigious is becoming a finalist for YoungArts?

<p>Wondering how YoungArts stacked up with other major competitions and whether becoming a finalist makes one stand out in admissions for college</p>

<p>I can only speak for my son’s experience (2013 voice finalist). All that mattered for his college admissions was his audition. He sent all of his colleges a letter stating that he was a YoungArts finalist and some of the auditors mentioned this at his audition, but I think admission was based purely on talent (and the needs of the institution). That being said, being a YoungArts finalist does open doors in terms of other opportunities such as being invited to perform, collaborate, etc. The most important part of being a YoungArts finalist for my son (even more than the $) was the week in Miami, which he described as “life-changing”. So, if you are invited, by all means, go!</p>