How prestigious is Northwestern?

<p>I heard that most people think it's a good school but no where near as prestigious as an Ivy League. Is Northwestern in the same group with Tufts and Carnegie Mellon?</p>

<p>Absolutely. Also in the same group: Cornell (depends on the school), Johns Hopkins, Boston College, Rice, Michigan, Wash U, Chicago, Notre Dame, Cal Berkeley</p>

<p>I do not think that Notre Dame, Wash U, BC should be included in that group.</p>

<p>Nortwestern is very prestigious and Boston College is not in the same category of the other schools by any measure. The other schools are US News ranked 10-25 while Boston College's best ranking is only in the 40's. Also in terms of academic prestige measured over decades, Rhodes Scholar recipients, alumni giving rate, grad placement, Notre Dame, Holy Cross, and Gtown exceed Boston College which was a commuter school until the 1970's or 1980's. Hopkins, Chicago,Cal, Michigan ,and Cornell have each produced scores of Nobel Prize winners and Rhodes Scholars. BU, NYU,BC, and Northeasten have experienced recent popularity due to location.</p>

<p>Northwestern is a very prestigious school. As far as those who claim that it's not as prestigious as an ivy, well, it may not be apart of the Ivy League, but it's still a good school regardless.</p>

<p>Northwestern is prestigious. period.</p>

<p>What are you talking about? Bitter because of some class discrimination?</p>

<p>Seriously, what is this slave business about????????????</p>

<p>Northwestern probably is not as well known by the general public as Princeton, Harvard and Yale; but the general public probably thinks that Univ of Penn. is a state school. Northwestern is VERY prestigious. Tufts is lower.</p>

<p>I have no idea what the slavery thing is about, but people are looking for serious advice here.</p>

<p>CMU, Cornell and Northwestern are the most prestigious colleges mentioned so far in this thread.</p>

<p>Tufts, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, Chicago are a step below; and the others are a step below those.</p>

<p>My opinion:</p>

<p>Group 1:

<p>Group 2:

<p>Group 3:

<p>Group 4:
Washington University
Notre Dame

<p>Within these groups there is no difference, but to choose a lower grouped school over one in a higher level might take some thought.</p>

<p>lol, i asked my couceler if i had any chance of getting in to Wellesley, and she said no. Aparently, im a guy.</p>

<p>don't go to a school because of prestige. People who are worried about prestige should be rejected by all prestigous schools.</p>

<p>upenn should be in the first catagory. it is 6th hardest to get into and was rated 3rd best university.</p>

<p>Penn, no way. Its not any closer to the first category than any one of those other schools. It is ranked 4, but most know that is total BS. Also, the USNEWS rise has been recent and Penn was long known as an Ivy safety. Its average stats are lower than most of the schools in the second category.</p>

<p>The US News Peer Assesment rating is a good measure of prestige, because that is based on deans' evaluation:</p>

<p>4.9: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT
4.8: Berkeley
4.7: CIT, Columbia, Williams, Amherst
4.6: Cornell, Duke, JHU, Chicago, Michigan, Swarthmore</p>