How prestigious is USC Viterbi

<p>I have only found the ranking of the graduate school of engineering which dropped from 7th to 10th nationally. Does anyone know how prestigious is the undergraduate school of engineering at USC? Thanks</p>

<p>What do you suppose it means, that no one bothers to rank undergraduate engineering programs by prestige?</p>

Does anyone know how prestigious is the undergraduate school of engineering at USC?


<p>I read somewhere that USC graduate engineering is ranked top 10 nationally.</p>

<p>dt123, I think you're missing the point. USC's recent move in the rankings unequivocally proves that it is 3 worse than before. While being 3 worse is certainly 25% better than being 4 worse it's also undeniably 50% worse than being 2 worse; if worst comes to worst one can only hope that this will leave Viterbi students no worse for wear. I hope that cleared things up.</p>

<p>I get it now, and if USC was in Wisconsin it would be bratwurst.</p>

<p>^^^With a side of fried cheese curds and a big glass of Leinie's Red.</p>

<p>The change in rankings actually doesn't mean anything. There was a Daily Trojan article about the drop in rankings, and it reported that the reason it was ranked 7th was likely contributed to a minor 'book-keeping' error when the rankings were generated. Apparently we should've been 10th both years.</p>

<p>Therein lies the double-edged sword: it could be seen as a 0% percent change, but also that we were never that high to begin with. </p>

<p>Gameaholic, I have to ask, are you going into the Computer Science (Games) major, as your username might suggest?</p>

<p>Hey psydent, </p>

<p>Computer science is interesting but not that interesting lol. My name comes from my obsession with games =). I was just interested in the engineering department and want to see what it's all about. Thx for the reply</p>

<p>That's what I thought, but also thought I might as well ask because I'm CS Games. And believe me, CS Games is a lot more interesting than CS. Playing a game for hw is still fun lol.</p>

<p>Be sure to look into MEGA. Speaking of obsession with games, I know someone who got a 1.7 his first semester because he missed a whole month of classes and didn't do his work. Reason? StarCraft II Beta.</p>

<p>I think next year, USCs overall ranking might go up because some competitors like UC schools may lose money, endowment etc.</p>

<p>btw, does anyone know where the closest games store (e.g. gamestop) and computer store to usc, or radisson hotel?</p>

<p>For computer stuff you can go to the bookstore, down the escalator. For a computer store with more selection, there's a Staples down Fig and Target is West.</p>

<p>The closest game store I know of is Game Ex, which is South at 4365 South Vermont Avenue</p>

<p>Also the closest Gamestop is by Vermont and Wilshire.</p>

<p>^nice i can finally pre-order easily and get all the nice pre-order exclusives
Does the computer store sell top of the line parts at reasonable prices? I need to pimp out my gaming rig.</p>

<p>I'm almost certain that the computer store in the USC bookstore doesn't sell gaming rig hardware. If it did, it would be cheaper on newegg anyway.</p>

<p>lol good point</p>