How reliable is Greyhound?

<p>Has anyone had any experience taking Greyhound? I want to visit some friends at Florida State this fall and it seems that Greyhound is the cheapest way to get to Tallahassee from Clemson. The only problem I see is that I would have to switch busses twice. How on-time are the Greyhound schedules? (possible problems with traffic jams etc...?)</p>

<p>I've taken Greyhound a few times and the times I've taken it it's been on schedule or pretty close, and it's never been so late that I've missed a connecting bus. The main warning I would give about Greyhound, though, is that the rides can potentially be pretty miserable, but that's more an issue with the really long bus rides (I'm talking 24+ hours). I don't know how long a distance you're going exactly, but as long as it's not an overnight trip, it shouldn't be too bad.</p>

<p>They keep excellent time. But they overload the buses... So don't expect comfort.</p>

<p>Greyhounds are fast and strong, but gentle and intelligent. They are also very loyal to their owners. I'd say they are reliable enough for you.</p>

<p>Lucky me has only had pleasant experiences with Greyhound. The one time my bus was running late (due to a traffic jam), Greyhound held the outgoing bus because it was the last connection of the day. If it had been a busier terminal, we would have probably resorted to a later bus.</p>