How religious is Agnes Scott?

<p>I know it's affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. How is that evident at the college? Is there prayer at college functions/gatherings? Would a non-Christian, secular or atheist student feel uncomfortable at times?</p>

<p>I would say the affiliation is minimal. I don't think it should be a concern that a particular faith or non-believer would be uncomfortable.</p>

<p>Thank you Bob. We just got back from a visit and got the same impression, that it's a very inclusive place. Overall, we thought the school was terrific.</p>

<p>So glad you enjoyed your visit! My daughter is finishing up her first year and loves her school, especially her professors.</p>

My D is trying to choose between Agnes and another school. One concern is about whether Agnes is a suitcase school. The vast majority of accepted students at our visit event were from GA, many of them from metro Atlanta. The students D stayed overnight with were from far away (as are we) and said the campus was indeed "kind of dead" on weekends. Is that your (or your D's) impression too?</p>

<p>I don't think the campus is "kind of dead" on weekends due to students going home, I think it's because they are frequently out in Decatur, Atlanta, Georgia Tech, etc. rather than on campus. </p>

<p>That's certainly the case with my daughter - today for instance she and her friends were at Centennial Olympic Park for the free concerts, and the weekend prior at a mixer at Georgia Tech one night and out at a nightspot in Decatur the other night.</p>

<p>So they were having fun, but they were contributing to the campus being less lively ...</p>

<p>That's very reassuring, thanks. We didn't have the chance to explore Atlanta on our visit, but Decatur was charming. I can imagine there being lots to do away from campus.</p>

<p>Agnes Scott has a hugely diverse religious community. We have a Jewish Student Association, a Muslim Student Association, A Wiccan and Pagan Org, and clubs for several sects of Christianity. The college chaplain, Rev. Kate, is the only person required to be Presybterian.</p>