How religious is Georgetown?

<p>I know it's a Jesuit school and all, but how much would someone who's not religious stick out?</p>

<p>I'm not anti-religious at all, but I am atheist and I want to make sure that would be okay. By the way I'm a junior looking into applying early next year. Georgetown has a lot of things I'm really interested in but I'm just slightly worried about the whole religion thing.</p>

<p>The school does have a strong Jesuit background but the student body is composed of various religious groups. I don't think you will "stick out" any more than you would as an atheist anywhere else.</p>

<p>i've posted about this before, asked during my interview, and talked to current students. in general it seems the consensus is "not very"--or at least just as religious as you want it to be. my interviewer said he grew up under the iron curtain in the '80s taught that religion was evil, then went to Georgetown anyway in the mid-'90s and found the Jesuits great people and very intelligent. i think it'll be fine no matter what one is looking for.</p>

<p>I'm a current freshman and I'm not religious at all. Most of my friends, though from varied backgrounds, are not particularly religious (ie. they don't attend religious services or anything). You definitely wouldn't stick out.</p>