how research helps admissions

<p>I'm really new to this site, but i think its pretty cool (and kinda funny sometimes). Well, heres my question for those who care to answer:</p>

<p>I'm a senior in hs and wanting to apply to Johns Hopkins (JHU) early decision. My gpa (As far as i know) is a 4.0, top 5% of the class, take the most rigorous courses that my school offers (my schools one of the top in the state of MD)...aside from grades, the most significant thing that i think will help my admission is that i've done laboratory research at two different places over the past 2 years, one at the center of marine biotech, and another is at JHU school of medicine itself. I've also written two extensive papers for a class and competitions like intel (14 pages on one and 20 pages on the other) on the two major projects that ive done. in addition to that, i also hve a very good recommendation from my mentor at JHU, who holds alot of high respectful positions at JHU (ie: hes the dean of research, head of at least 3 departments that i know of, head of hte lab...etc..). does anyone in here go to JHU, and further, does anyone know how much this research thing will help me out? </p>

<p>ps: my extracurriculars are tutoring, and other trainings for labs and seminars that ive done over the summer (Tutor during theyear) and my sat is 1270 (i know not nearly as high as most in here) and i dont know my act yet; oh and i was one of hte semifinalist of the siemens westinghouse competition
but overall, im askin about the research aspect of my applications</p>

<p>oh, siemens westinghouse is HELPFUL!
But try to raise your SAT and show us your APs and SAT IIs, then we can make a rough judgment. I think if you raise your SAT I and do ok(>700) on SAT IIs, you have a good chance at JHU</p>

<p>o0o ur the first person to reply ^_^ thank you. um..well as far as ive seen MANY MANY people in this forumn are wayyyyyyyyy worried about getting into colleges, which can be good but also kind of bad. im not as muhc as an overachiever like most others, so i dont plan to take the SATs again, since its too late to register in time for Early decision at JHU...umm and i dont wanna take teh SAT II (Thats why i took the act instead). but thanks, ive always wondered how much Siemens actually helps. thank you</p>