How routine oriented are you in the upkeep of your household?

I’m somewhat relieved that we have Passover every year because that’s our only real deep cleaning. And when someone comes to visit, but that’s been very seldom. I’m not a big clutter person; husband’s only real clutter is that for some reason he thinks he needs to keep his WSJ’s for months instead of recycling - just in case there’s an article he hasn’t read. Haven’t seen him do that yet…

I’ve never had a cleaning lady but my mother did, and I still remember being confused why I had to clean up before her weekly visit.


What is required for a Passover deep clean?

I’m curious what tasks, in general (Passover or otherwise), that folk consider to be elements of a deep clean. Seems as though we have addressed before on a thread I started, but I am old and crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We have a gigantic leather sectional. We couldn’t move it ourselves if we wanted to.

The only piece of furniture Mr. B and I can’t move together is our granite top dining table! But I can’t imagine moving furniture for cleaning. I just vacuum underneath.


Our theoretical objective is to remove any possible crumb of non-Passover allowed food, although that’s not really an issue for us per se. It’s basically spring cleaning. The kitchen gets the brunt of it - every appliance (microwave, toaster oven, mixer, et al), all refrigerator shelves, cabinet shelves, drawers, etc. Otherwise, it’s cleaning all surfaces and floors in the rest of the house.

This house isn’t all that much smaller than our old house (1500 vs 2000 sq ft), but it’s one floor vs two, two less “spaces” (used to have open doorway study and a loft). But it seems far easier to clean.


The house my parents lived in for the last 30 plus years of their lives was not a large house but it was difficult to clean (different levels, etc), so I totally get that.

I had a cleaning team every other week in my former house, but I haven’t gotten around to hiring anyone here. I am not really considering it at this point as this house seems easy to keep clean.

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That’s what the dog is for! lol.


For me, a deep clean means doing tasks that don’t get done very often,e.g., cleaning and sorting drawers and cabinets in the kitchen or cleaning out my pantry and getting rid of items that say “Use by August 1, 2018”. I keep the fridge clean and organized, but the pantry not so much.