How safe is Beloit?

My daughter has been admitted to Beloit and received the Presidential Scholarship, making the cost comparable to our state university. We live in Colorado, and have not yet visited the school. We will likely check it out in the next couple of months since her merit scholarship is so significant. However, in reading about the city of Beloit and crime stats for the area, I’m now concerned. For those who attend or have attended Beloit, or have kids at Beloit: do you feel safe? Can you walk around town comfortably, to enjoy shops, restaurants, etc? And finally, when we go visit, where should we stay and where should we avoid?

Thanks so much!

There is crime in Beloit, but, there’s crime pretty much everywhere else in any city. The majority of it has no impact on students at Beloit. There have been some issues with hate crimes on campus at least once every year, but I think the college is dealing with that appropriately. My D tells me that there are a few areas off campus that everyone knows not to walk around alone at night, so students avoid those areas. I’ve been to Beloit at least 5 times (we usually pick her up for Thanksgiving when we spend it with family in Chicago), and I’ve never felt uncomfortable there.

Otherwise, Beloit is very walkable and the college has integrated itself into the downtown area (bookstore, performing arts building, entrepreneurial program). I think the Ironworks Hotel is the best hotel in Beloit and is walking distance to campus. They have a Beloit College rate, so make sure you call and ask for it rather than booking online. For a little less $$, there are the national chains like Hampton Inn and Fairfield Suites out on Milwaukee Road about 3 miles from campus. For dining, we like Lucy’s #7, the newer burger place and Bushel & Pecks (the college often suggests parents gather there while their kids are at their own events and several admissions staff attend the gatherings). Anna Maria’s (just over the border in S. Beloit, IL) is also good and popular with visiting families.

Thank you for the information! This is very helpful. I looked up the Ironworks Hotel - that looks like a great option. The basic rooms are in our price range, and we certainly don’t need a fancy suite. :slight_smile:

I agree with @1518mom. The campus itself is safe. There are a few places off-campus that I wouldn’t want my d walking alone at night, but I feel that way pretty much everywhere. And I second the Ironworks–we always stay there. We got a groupon there once, so worth checking. It’s right across the street from the college, so very convenient, and it’s very nice.

@ChristiGabi We visited last month, and the whole family really loved the vibe of the place. Congrats on the scholarship! I felt the marketing that come out of Beloit reflects the vibe on campus.

Do your due diligence research. Read WSJ article on local philanthropist trying to revive local economy. Beloit is a Midwest rust-belt small city.

Correction, read NYT article on Beloit economy.

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I graduated from Beloit in the 1980s. I’m amazed at how much progress the city has made in the last 10-15 years. There were definitely no-go places back then, but the downtown area is much nicer now than it used to be and the campus itself has improved as well. Your daughter should have nothing to fear as long as he keeps her wits about her. Beloit will serve her well.

Beloit is great! Definitely seems like a pretty safe town; I just got back from an accepted students weekend!

Would be very appreciative if you could share your thoughts post admitted student weekend. Do you plan to attend Beloit? What were some of the highlights of the experience? We are also thinking of visiting.