how selective is SFS?

<p>how selective is SFS compared to top lac's and ivies?</p>

<p>Very Se:ective And Extremely Unique Program Oldest Foreign Service In Country</p>

<p>My interviewer told me that the RD admit rate for SFS was a whopping 9% last year. That'd put it on par with HYP.</p>

THAT IS ********
acceptance rates for sfs is about 21%, college is about 20-21%, msb is 24-25%, and nhs is 35%.
there is no way sfs has a 9% acceptance rate</p>

<p>yeah, when i heard her tell me that i was pretty skeptical.</p>

<p>21%--it's about on par with UPenn. Gtown/SFS is also way more selective than Cornell. As far as some non-ivies go, it's about on par with Pomona, Duke, and Caltech and more selective than some very respectable schools like Swarthmore, Johns Hopkins, and UChicago.</p>

<p>But don't be shallow! Selectivity means nothing if the school doesn't match your needs.</p>

<p>Haha thanks for the statistics. I was just wondering about how sfs stood compared to other top schools, and i thought selectivity was a reasonably good indicator of that. but don't worry, i really am not that shallow ! :D</p>

<p>What? </p>

<p>Pomona's selectivity < Swarthmore's, NOT >.</p>

<p>Barcaholic: There is a possibility that the 9% number is true. The 21% admit rate is overall, * including * EA. Perhaps EA has a better acceptance rate than .. RD?</p>

<p>Although the numbers are on par with UPenn you also have to consider that you are applying to a program with a specific focus. Thus, everyone is going to have similar applications- you are competing with people who all have an international relations interest than people who have very diverse interests, which makes for much more competition. </p>

<p>tlaktan: When I talked to an adcom, she said the admissions rate is only like 1% higher for EA...</p>

<p>As a side note:
Although Georgetown is numerically less selective than HYP, it is still not a sure thing for anyone. I applied to 5 selective schools: Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, U Penn Huntsman, and GTown SFS. I got into Harvard and Penn, and was waitlisted from Columbia, Princeton, and Gtown. Its really impossible to predict decisions at a certain level.</p>