How selective is the College of Computer and Information Science?

<p>How much more selective is it from the rest of Northeastern's colleges? What's the ranking from most selective to least selective? Northeastern is my top choice, and I applied to CCIS. My stats are in my previous posts for those curious. Do I have a good shot?</p>

<p>To be honest, I really don't know. At all. I'm going to dual major in maths and compsci but didn't know this in November when I applied to the business school at NEU.</p>

<p>What does your profile look like (feel free to PM if you'd rather not post it)? We can compare and see what we think is reasonable.</p>

<p>i also plan to major in compsci but i did hear that the CCIS is more difficult than the rest of their schools because it is ranked and a very good program</p>

<p>Can you show me where it is ranked? I know it is a very good school(it's my first choice) but I'd like to compare its selectivity to other school's computer science programs.</p>

<p>i seriously cannot find where i read the rankings but if it helps i jus got accepted literally hours ago and these are my stats. </p>

<p>GPA- 3.6
Rank- 21/597
SAT- 1910/2400
670 R, 620 W, 620 M</p>

<p>I don;t know any specific rankings but if I'm being honest I have to say that I don't think CCIS is particularly selective- I am basing this only on the fact that I know multiple freshmen who didn't get into UMASS but got into CCIS. I don't know anything about UMASS's comp sci program but it is generally a much less selective school than Northeastern.</p>

<p>That isn't to say that the program isn't very challenging, however. A lot of freshmen really struggle because so much of the program is new and some of the classes freshmen are taking this year have never been taught before.</p>