How should an optional recommendation be addressed? To Whom It May Concern?

<p>Hi everyone :)</p>

<p>Currently asking my boss at my summer internship to write me a letter of recommendation and was unfortunately stumped by one of his questions: How should the letter begin / to whom should it be addressed?</p>

<p>To Whom It May Concern?</p>

<p>Anything more personal than that? Perhaps one of these?</p>

<p>Dear Janet Rapleye
Princeton University Admissions Committee,
Princeton University Dean of Admissions,
Office of Undergraduate Admissions,
<name of="" admissions="" officer="" responsible="">, On that note, who is the Admissions Officer responsible for South East Asia? (specifically Malaysia) :S
etc etc</name></p>

<p>Is it even proper to just address it by the name, without using "Dear" or whatever salutation? My apologies, but I've never really come across this question in the past. Would greatly appreciate any responses. Much thanks!</p>