How should I choose my school? (interests and scores)

I am a high school senior and need to start making more decisions on college types. I know there are so many to choose from, so maybe just advice on how I can knock out large amounts of choices would be helpful. Honestly, I’m just really nervous and feel a little lost with all the options.

The most important things for me right now in my college search is undergraduate research opportunities and MERIT- based scholarships. Any suggestions on schools is much appreciated.

I want to major in something chemistry-based (biochem, gen chem, chem engineering).
I am considering double majoring in Chem+Spanish or maybe a minor in Spanish or art
I think I want my job to be researched-based once I graduate
My hobbies include painting, reading, learning, teaching kids, yoga

Here are some of my stats
-ACT- 36 (each subject)
-5’s: AP Chem, AP Pysch, AP US history, AP Human Geo, AP Lang
-4’s: AP Spanish lang, AP Euro,

  • 3: AP Stats
    -GPA- 4.0 unweighted and 4.68 unweighted
    -I will have taken 5 sciences and 5 maths
    -My pSAT score got me a “small town” recognition (whatever that means)
    -Don’t rank, but will be valedictorian

This years schedule:
AP Gov, AP Econ, AP Bio, AP Spanish Lit, Art II, AP Eng Lit, AP Calc, AP Physics

-Nat Spanish Honor Society(Secretary last year, president this year)
-Nat Honor Society
-tutored elementary kids and volunteered at science week
-Leader in Advertisement for hosting a Dance Marathon at my high school
-Chem Olympiad
-started a book club
-helped found astronomy club(secretary)

If there is anymore info you would need to help me out, please let me know :slight_smile:

Budget meaning maximum amount you and your family are willing to pay after FA?

Home state?

Do you qualify for need based aid along with merit?