How should I improve my CR and Math to 600s?

<p>I took the SAT in the may and didn't do well as I wanted to do.
I was too much pressured and changed my answers a lot!!
what is the best way to improve my score, as well as what are SAT books can you guys recommend me?</p>

<p>the sacred blue book</p>

<p>'ll get as close to the real questions as possible with the blue book</p>

<p> also offers an online service...i thought the questions were harder, so it might better prepare you if you get good at the blue book.</p>

<p>what is this "blue book"?</p>

<p>I'm guessing it's THE Official SAT Study Guide from collegeboard. Works really well! I ordered it a month before my first SAT (the May one), and forgot about it until the night before-- a few hours of reviewing the math stuff, and I felt like I was prepared.
Well, okay, I got a 530 on my math eventually, but I think if I didn't review the sacred blue book, it would have been a LOT worse. They had some problems in the test that reflected practice problems in the blue book, so you can imagine how happy I was during the test when I realized I had done a problem similar to this only hours before.</p>

<p>since reading and math areyour weaknesses, you can buy the blue book or called "the official SAT study guide" by collegeboard. THe cover is VERY blue and it's made for the new sat, of course. But in the old version of the test the reading and math sections (except for quantitative comparison questions in math) are nearly identical. In fact, this new "blue book" takes MANY of the same examples and math problesm from its old review books for the old SAT. That said, I would also highly recommend the "redbook" or called the "10 Real SAT" also published by collegeboard. you can find the redbook at or bookstore. the cover is bright red. THe redbook is really good if you are hardcore about studying and really want tons of practice. Its the best and cheapest genuine self study resource out there. </p>

<p>good luck with your studies.</p>

<p>there are also no analogies on CR like there used to be on Verbal</p>

<p>yeah i can understand exactly what you are going through. I used to always change the answers especially in CR because every answered sounded plausible, but after practice in the sacred blue book, i only miss 1-2 per section.</p>

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<p>The blue book definitely helped me when I was preparing. It gives you very real questions so you are prepared when you take the test again.</p>

<p>The new SAT verbal parts seem to place more emphasis on vocabulary. Drill, drill, even to the last moment. Can't advise you on the math.</p>